Tuesday 14 June 2011

Back-Yard Safari

What do you see in this picture? A wheelbarrow propped against a wall perhaps?
Of course, but if you care to look closer you will see a small drainage pipe at the bottom of the wall. If you look closer still, you will see two tiny black dots near to the pipe. Those tiny black dots are just two of our new neighbours that have taken up residence in the void at the far end of this pipe.

A very welcome nest of bumble bees have made this their home and we certainly won't be moving them on. All bees work as our pollenators and they seem to be doing an excellent job, if their flight movements are anything to go by.

With more take-offs and approaches than at Heathrow airport, we need clearance from the apidaen air traffic control to cross their flight path as it runs directly past the front of our patio doors into the garden.

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