Monday 27 June 2011

20 Days to Go

Sunrays over Long Strand, West Cork, Ireland

Now that I'm back from my last photo opportunity in West Cork,
the count-down to my exhibition begins in earnest.
So I present to you:

An Exhibition of Photography

West Cork
East Anglia

A photographic essay that brings aspects of life in West Cork
to the people of East Anglia
and beyond

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July
Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th July
11am - 6pm

5 Farmadine Grove  Saffron Walden  Essex  CB11 3DR

as part of
Cambridge Open Studios 2011


  1. The more and more I visit your blog, the more I would like to explore Ireland. Loved that you went to see puffins in your previous post too.

    I need to quickly post this comment, as my cat keeps leaning on the laptop (think because it's warm) and trying to press all the buttons!

  2. Nicholas, Ireland is just...
    Well, we keep going back, despite the weather. I suppose it makes the good days all the more memorable - such as our puffin visit last year. This years visit was memorable for a completely different reason! Maybe third time lucky to get to the top of Skellig Michael?!!
    If you would like to have more of a taste of Ireland, perhaps you might try to make it to my Open Studios in a couple of weeks?
    Thanks for dropping by, and maybe see you soon.


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