Friday 22 April 2011

New Horizons

Our recent photographic foray into Cambridge was fulfilling two purposes:
1. For fun.
2. To provide encouragement to a young photographer.

With her birthday being today, (Happy Birthday by the way!) this young photographer is now just the same age as I was when I acquired my first camera. The benefit with starting out in photography today is that the images are cheap and minor errors are so easily corrected. However, the same basic skill is required - being able to see the picture, and she has that ability. With gentle nurturing, she has a future.

However, she will forgive me, I'm sure, for using her work to illustrate that doing yourself down, when starting out in photography is not so desireable. By all means, have goals but confidence is by far the better attribute to strive for, and after this venture I am very confident that she has gained confidence.

By coincidence, we both took a shot at the same time. With some post production to adjust the RAW image, my interpretation of the scene can be seen above. She, on the other hand was convinced that her shot was useless, and granted, we had a little giggle over the 'wonky' image, but don't we all have bouts of this non-intentional horizon adjustment? However, with only a couple of extra stages of post production, which she carried out herself to the original jpeg image, I'm sure you will agree, her shot was not useless.

From this... this

So, although we both produced slightly different interpretations of the same view, they are both image-worthy, and if it is the only thing she has learned from the day, she now knows how to avoid at least one post production stage.

To new horizons!

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  1. Hilary Dickinson22 Apr 2011, 09:15:00

    A good mentor always helps - thank you for taking her under your wing and passing on your experience. One day who knows where she may be with her work.

  2. It is a pleasure to be able to share knowledge but as any teacher will agree, it is more of a pleasure to see someone blossom as a result.
    Im sure her interest in photography will crop up at all sorts of times in life.


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