Tuesday 19 April 2011

April Showers

With the weather now conducive to a spot of gardening, I spent yesterday afternoon pottering outdoors, which included clearing up the fallen petals from our magnolia.

Just at its peak, it was looking stunning until the mid-afternoon April shower on Saturday threw raindrops and hail stones at it, all in the same lashing. I watched from the window as one petal after the other, gave up the will to hold on to beauty, floating down to the ground to form a pastel carpet.

In a hope of preserving this image of beauty, I grabbed a large umbrella and my camera and clicked away, with this picture clearly illustrating the undesirable effect of this, frankly, much needed shower of rain.

It just goes to prove that whilst a hydration routine is important, peak of beauty is as transient as any other phase in life.

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