Tuesday 26 April 2011

English Countryside

Each year, for a few short weeks, the brown and green winter patchwork blanket gives way to an all enveloping yellow spring blanket. Flying out from the local airport, reveals the massive extent of this vibrant and valuable crop of rape, which is the choice of all but a few farms.

This phenomenon is a somewhat recent addition to our English countryside as I certainly don't remember these vivid yellow scenes from my childhood. Conversely, in my childhood, I do remember the likes of cow parsley and lilac, laburnam and wisteria all coming to a peak in mid-May. So, with all of these wonderful flowers already in full flower a full three weeks ahead again this year, I have to realise that changes do, and will continue to happen.

I do wish for those special swift-screeching, blossom blooming days of May still to be in May though, just as I used to remember them.


  1. That's the photo I can never seem to get! Can I buy one please? xx Lauren

  2. I have taken this view many times and each time it is different, with some being successful and some not. This one worked although there was a low-level haze over an otherwise blue sky.


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