Thursday 28 April 2011

Evidence of a Close Encounter

It was another Windolene day yesterday as for the second time in about a month, my kitchen windows had a close encounter with a pigeon. It is as if these birds want to play noughts and crosses on the grid of window panes, laying claim to their square in this very definite manner.

This time it was slightly different as there was secondary evidence of this encounter, by way of some feathers on the patio, but unlike last time, there was no imprint from the head of the bird. However, I was puzzled to see that just as before, a clear geometric mark appeared arount the neck area (check out the picture 'Imprint' Thursday 24th March) Initially I thought it might be created by the beak, but closer inspection of the first imprint rules that out due to the position of the eye.

If anyone has a suitable explanation to this puzzle, I would be delighted to hear it.

(Judging by this picture, it was high time my windows saw a Windolene-soaked cloth too!)

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