Monday 2 February 2015

Little Egret

You looking at me?!!

Yep, I'm a Little Egret or in Latin Egretta garzetta and I live in the tidal lagoon at Rosscarbery in Ireland. The town is right on the Wild Atlantic Way, the world's longest defined coastal touring route, so I'm sort of used to having people stopping and looking at me, although I'm still a bit nervous when the cameras come out.

The tide is just on its way back in but before it reaches this spot, there is just time to pop along to do a bit of fishing - now that I've finished my session of must-do preening in the winter sunshine of course.

Now, there is a bit of a technique to fishing and these big yellow feet of mine come in particularly useful.

You see, I paddle about in the shallow water and as I do, I jiggle my foot about in the mud at the bottom, which hopefully will release some tasty morsels from their secure resting place.

Sometimes I have to go back and forth a bit.

But I'm always keeping my beady eye open for that tell-tale movement, aaaaaaand...


Smart eh?!

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