Monday 8 April 2013

Proud Parents

Image Copyright © Kirsten Mavric

There have been three very special landmark days in my life to date, and on Friday 5th April there was the fourth -
The marriage of our youngest daughter.

When the wedding date was announced, the first question everyone asked me was,
"Are you going to do the photography?"

My reply was quick. It was to be a 'posh-frock' day for me too and as such, a day off.

So the search began for a photographer that the young couple liked, and naturally, with my contacts, they gave me the task of creating a shortlist for them. I was delighted to help and once listed, it really didn't take long for them to decide.
"This one! We love her style"

I was secretly pleased that, from all of the wonderful talented wedding photographers shortlisted, and without any prompting, they too had chosen my personal favourite:

Kirsten Mavric Photography
Click here for link

Being a photographer myself, I understand the importance of choosing the right photographer but most of all, I appreciate the hard work, time, passion, dedication and a whole host of other qualities that go into making the photographs so special. Unlike the wedding breakfast which is eaten once or the beautiful dress which will be worn once, the photographs will be looked at over and over again throughout their lifetime, so it should go without saying that the origination should be given due consideration. 
We were totally confident we were going to be in good hands when we assigned Kirsten to capture the day. She even made us promise that, as parents, we would just relax and enjoy it. And that is exactly what we managed to do. I took my camera out only once on the day to grab this image to illustrate just why I was able to relax.

The wonderful Kirsten Mavric, busy at work along with her second shooter on the day, the equally amazing Leon Neal
Between them, they captured those precious shots which will go on to to make the memories of the day so special for all of us but most of all, for our daughter and new son-in-law.

Kirsten has also provided us with this tantalising preview, which had me almost crying into my cuppa this morning. Our daughter looks so lovley, and our son-in-law so relaxed, I just can't wait to see the rest of the photographs!

We are at this moment, nothing less than exceedingly proud parents.

Thank you so much Kirsten and Leon xx


  1. Very beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. You have every right to be proud :-)

  2. Congratulations to you all a very Special Day for a Special Family! Thanks for Sharing it! :)

  3. Congratulations to you all! Indeed, never an easy decision when you are a photographer yourself, well done on only getting your camera out once!


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