Monday 29 April 2013

Enjoy My Photographs

Sorry, what's that you said? You cant see anything but black?

That's right, black because 25th April was a black day - the day the ill-considered Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill was granted assent. Ill considered as the aspect of copyright should have been afforded a bill all of its own, not tangled up in this bill where it was hard to see it.

From now on, I will be seriously considering how I will share my images because the long and the short of this bill means that anything posted online and which is stripped of the meta data, (and which is pretty rife) is now potentially free to be used by anyone because it is an 'orphan work' and there are not an awful lot of options I have to prevent it.

Ok, sharing images online has always had the issue that they could be lifted for use elsewhere but we always had an iota of protection as the copyright owner. At least we could pursue the issue even if it were to cost us. Now the floodgates are open for others to easily profit from our work. Work that for myself and all other photographers, is our livelihood. Publishing them online is our showcase, our way of securing future work. To date, those who have wanted to enjoy my photographs have been able to.

However, future work may just appear like this

Please apply for the image

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