Monday 15 April 2013

Has Spring Sprung?

I have been watching and waiting, and now the beady eyes are watching me, watching them.

And the question to be asked is, has Spring sprung?

After what has to be one of the most miserable winters for years, we are all eagerly waiting for Spring and keen to watch out for the signs.

The self-set primrose in my garden has been manifest in the production of cheerfulness for a good few weeks now - come rain; come shine. Or in most cases, come snow.

After a few slightly milder days and a comparative heatwave yesterday, with temperatures nudging 20 degrees, the 'bread and cheese' trees, or hawthorn to most folk, have started to give the hedgerow a green haze.

Volume levels have increased at the pond as the frogs engage in the annual ritual of amplexus. Then, in between the 'froggy-tandems' the masses of newts punctuate proceedings with a feint tick sound as they come to the pond surface for air.

In amongst the writhing masses of frogs, the spawn clumps are appearing on a daily basis.

So, has Spring finally sprung?

I sincerely hope so!

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  1. Great Pictures Celia! its also great to see that they survived through the winter!


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