Thursday 11 October 2012

A Port in a Storm

A big thanks to Richys Bar, Bistro and Cafe in Clonakilty who were my life-saver twice over the weekend. Once when my travel arrangements were turned completely up-side-down on Saturday and where a meal was never so welcome. Then again on Tuesday when my timing went wrong and I turned up at their switch over time of 5pm. Cheerfully they obliged and provided me with a wonderful plate of hot food.

Richys, a regular stop-off for us, is a safe haven where they understand gluten-free* food choices and so should be applauded. (It is a shame that more catering establishments don't appear to want to understand this dietary requirement.)

I have every sympathy for Richys today as for at least the third time this year, the surrounding streets and their building was threatened with flooding over night. Clonakilty had been hit with severe flooding after stormy rain in June and then sadly again, in August, but they and the community pulled together to ensure that business were up and running again in a matter of days. Lets hope Richys flood defences, installed as a result of the June flood, were able to hold out last night. The economic climate is tough enough without these extra pressures from nature!

*Suitable for gluten-free but I can't personally vouch for the stricter coeliac requirements

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