Friday 14 October 2011

Homeward Journey

Following my blog post Friday 13th May I decided to heed my own warning to avoid a certain M6 service area on this, my Thursday 13th October homeward journey, instead stopping at one of those 'Diminutive Cook' establishments in North Wales.

Upon arrival there were only three other patrons in what appeared to be a 'winding down to closing time' dining area but I was greeted cheerily and a most prompt and welcome "be careful the pot is very full" real teapot of tea arrived at my table. And an excellent cuppa it was too! It thankfully lacked the usual overpowering chemical aroma of dishwasher detergent and although it didn't sport the classy teabag tag of the Knutsford experience, they can be forgiven as this was a crockery experience and there was real milk - none of the UHT stuff in fiddly plastic pots.

My meal order followed shortly and whilst tasty, did fall down in the beautiful appearance awards, but again, the cheery staff were attentive and keen to ensure that I was enjoying the whole dining experience. It did the trick though and less than hour after arriving, I was back on the road feeling refreshed and not regretting my choice of roadside diner - as that is what it is. This chain may have launched a new identity but there is no escaping what niche was being filled, but I can say this was altogether a far better experience than the one of the 13th May.

So, of the photograph. It seems I have started a trend with the - whilst I'm waiting, record the tea, image. Might be interesting to see where this takes me.

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