Tuesday 11 October 2011

Castlehaven GAA - County Finals 2011

Sadly, as I write, the Irish (and indeed, English) Rugby World Cup teams must be heading home following their defeats at quarter-final level down in New Zealand. This leaves a void in the sport support culture that sweeps a nation at these times. Happily though, for the people of this little corner of West Cork, they still have a glimmer of anticipation. Despite the Southern hemisphere disappointment, and the dreary weather currently hugging this coastal area of County Cork, there may still be something to celebrate.

Any visitor to the locality can't but fail to notice the splashes of blue and white that have appeared in many forms, and in the most unexpected places, all over the area. The blue and white are the colours of the Castlehaven GAA - the Gaelic football club, who on Sunday 16th will be playing UCC in the County finals of the sport up in Cork City. The Irish take their Gaelic sport seriously and indeed, their support for their teams is taken equally as seriously.

Back in the UK, support like this for local football (soccer) teams or other sports is almost never seen on this scale, which is really rather sad as it seems that here, supporters have so much more fun. As illustrated above, it can take the form of car window flags, bunting, painted pallets, over-painted signposts (hmm what will the local council think?!) as well as the expected normal flags. My neighbours have also joined in and fixed flags to the end of their cow house, put bunting across the end of the road and taped flags to the gates. With all this going on around me, I almost feel compelled to be swept up into this tide of support for my 'local team' although I'm not sure I'm ready to put the bunting up across my gateway just yet.

However, I do wish them Good Luck in the match on Sunday.

"Up the Haven!"

Castlehaven (Irish: Gleann Bearcháin) is a civil parish in County Cork, Ireland. It is located some 75 km south west of Cork City on the coast and is made up of two key towns: Union Hall and Castletownshend.The area is famous for Gaelic football with Castlehaven Gaelic football club claiming local and national honours in 1989,1994 and 2003

Castlehaven GAA


  1. Love your photos and comments.
    Sadly, they lost last year but, amazingly, this year, came back even stronger and went and won the final by beating Duhallow on a scoreline of 1-7 to 9 points. Had a fabulous day and night in Union Hall.
    The flags and banners and painted cars etc. were wonderful as always.

    Love my pints in the village.


  2. Thanks Michael
    I managed to watch the 2011 game on line and of course, was disappointed they didn't win. I caught up with the good news about their 2012 win, which was fabulous!
    I expect the blue and white will still be found in places around Union Hall when we visit next week- nothing like keen supporters!


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