Sunday 2 November 2014

Saffron Walden Fireworks 2014

Once again, the Saffron Walden Round Table excelled with the annual fireworks display on The Common last night. Famously a free event, it was estimated that over 10,000 people gathered to watch on a comparatively mild evening, with just enough wind to disperse the excess smoke but not so much it blew the display off course - or worse, the bonfire flames onto the surrounding trees, as it did last year.

Set to thoughtful music, there were enough light bursts and bangs to wow the crowd, leading to many comments circulating that it was the best display in a number of years. Even the youngsters were able to create their own light displays with the light sabres and glow sticks which were on sale to help swell the money raised for local charities. As has become the tradition, the Round Tablers do a bucket collection, which is a successful way of raising the funds to finance the display as well as the charity collection. I'm sure there will have been a huge collection raised last night.

The evening rounded off with the traditional lighting of the bonfire, only this year it started with a real bang (planned), causing many around to jump when they felt the force of it, along with the heat of the explosion. Then it all calmed down again before the crowd began to disperse and no doubt planned to be back same time, same place next year.


  1. Wonderful photos - there's something very special about fireworks, I love them! Our local one is next weekend, hoping it's good weather for it.


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