Sunday 4 May 2014

International Dawn Chorus Day 2014

'Grainy' screen-grab start to the day for the dawn chorus!

It was 4.30am and my iPhone was gently playing 'slow rise' from underneath my pillow. As I came to, I remembered why I had set my alarm so early. Today is International Dawn Chorus Day when everyone is encouraged to 'celebrate nature's daily miracle'.

Whilst there were dawn chorus walks planned all over the country I opted for the lazy way to enjoy the wonderful birdsong, by staying on my home patch, which also meant I could stay in my PJs. Living in a town, it could be thought that birds won't perform with as much gusto as they might out in the countryside but I had no worries this morning. The birds were already well into their performance by the time I had stepped over the perplexed mutt and visiting friend, sleeping in the kitchen. Out into the back garden, the light was just increasing in the east whilst in the west, the sky was still the wonderful deep blue. I set up my camera on the wall and recorded several short burst of birdsong, in the end choosing just a 45 second recording to post here.

For those who weren't up early enough this morning to enjoy their local performance, here is what I enjoyed at 4.40 this morning, in our sleepy north Essex town. So sit back, turn up the volume, click on the link below and enjoy!

As I said, I opted for the lazy way to take part in the International Dawn Chorus Day - which meant creeping back to bed for a few more hours, just as the morning light was streaming in through the curtains and the unmelodious, wood pigeon late-comers began their coo-coooo-cooing.
Was it worth the early start? Absolutely!

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