Thursday 16 January 2014

Tour de France 2014 - Countdown 1

Almost every day I negotiate this particular patch of road as I take mutt for her daily walk.
I negotiate the traffic, using the Pelican crossing, mutt dutifully waiting with me for the bleeps (as she has been trained to do). We then both have to negotiate the potholes that appear with serious regularity in this over-used used patch of road at the bottom of our High Street.

It was just three months ago that we learned with some interest (and excitement) that the 2014 Tour de France will be passing over this very spot on Monday 7th July.
Nearly 200 of the worlds elite cyclists will be negotiating the right-angled turn from the High Street into George Street (right to left in this image).

However, I feel there will need to be just a tad of time and investment given to this spot before then (and indeed, others along the route) if we are to avoid any embarrassing pile ups which are not of the cyclists making.
I have every confidence it will be done.

There are only six months to go!

I will be covering this event. Contact me (using the link at the side) for details.


  1. Ah yes, and I think I could suggest several roads where the prospect of the Tour de France might bring about some welcome improvements. Maybe it could go through Dublin!

    Excellent ouse of light in the photo, by the way!

    1. I believe it went through Dublin in 1998 so it is fair comment that the roads are now overdue another improvement
      (...and in so many other corners of Ireland too!)

  2. As I a,m certain you know, 'ouse' is the very Olde English version of 'use'.


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