Wednesday 4 September 2013

Looking Back on August

Well, August has fair galloped by, the pace clicked on rigidly with each new daily challenge - and I relished them all. Each one different. Each one with varied complexity. Each one a joy to complete.

So, how do I rate the success or otherwise? Not too bad actually! All briefs were completed, even if the artistic licence card had to be played a couple of times. Some assignments were completed early in the day, others, I was watching the seconds tick towards midnight as I champed at the bit hoping to get to the 'publish' line in time. Some had to be quite carefully planned whilst others were, 'let's see how we can achieve that on the day'. Some images were publication quality and successful, others were well, yep it fulfils the brief but would never make it past the photographic editor. However, there were some where success was clear the moment the shutter clicked - and a nice collection of those there were too!

My favourite image of the month was also the image with the most hits. I suspect that my choice of this mother and baby subject for Day 25 - "Stirs Emotions" might have raised a few eyebrows but the fact it has been the most visited also bears testament to the fact that it must have hit the mark. Other favourites were, the galloping horse, decaying bananas, the hares and foxes (although the latter two displaying typical issues of low-light shooting). In fact there were so many great subjects which I had been set that it is hard to put them in any kind of preference order, so I won't.
I won't because what did become clear was that not every picture pleased everyone. Instead, throughout the month, there was infact, something for everyone. The diversity had wide appeal. I think I proved that in many eyes, I am not just a wildlife photographer, or a still life photographer, or a landscape photographer, or a portrait photographer. I am actually happy to take on many aspects and deliver with determination.

However, without one factor, this bit of happy 'summer madness' could not have happened.
That factor?
You responded to my call for challenges.
You helped me out with arranging shoots.
You encouraged me.
You said nice things.
More than ever, this made me determined not to let you all down.

A huge, huge thank you everyone!

Now you know what I can do, please do get in touch to discuss any immediate or future assignments you might have.

Meanwhile, I will be getting in touch with many of you in the next few days.

If you still have any comments to make on any aspects of the month, or to tell me which is your favourite challenge/image or about how any of the images were achieved, please, don't be put off writing something below - you can do it anonymously. You don't have to sign up to anything, although, if you want to sign up to being a follower of the blog, I will be more than delighted!
Whilst I have had comments via emails, Facebook and Twitter, it seems there is a reluctance to comment here on the blog and Im baffled to know why? If blogger is being difficult allowing you to write, I need to know that too. Send me a message instead via the contact down the right hand side - I really would like to resolve the problem.


  1. Well done for the August challenge!

  2. I really enjoyed it Celia you really put your heart and soul into it and produced some great shots! My Favourites were the boxing Hares and Mother& Baby! Well Done Celia :-)

  3. Celia, you showed in the course of the month not only that you are a really amazing photographer, but also that your interesting, thoughtful comments really enhance your work. The mother and baby photo was special. There were many others deserving mention: maybe one that I am also particularly drawn to is the clarinet.

    Well done again, it was a real pleasure to follow this challenge.

    In answer to your question, blogspot makes adding comments slightly more laborious than it should ideally be, but it's manageable...


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