Tuesday 31 July 2012

Dramatic Photography

This is a brief round-up of images from a recent dress rehearsal shoot for the John Lewis Partnership Dramatic Society.
The run of Humble Boy by Charlotte Jones was performed at The Studio Theatre, Maidenhead in July, and directed by Peter Stallwood.

Once again, it was a pleasure to be asked to photograph this wonderful group, and as before, I can truly say that I enjoyed their performance of this less well-known play, even through the lens of my camera.

Felix Humble (Phil Coleman)

Mercy Lott (Mary Rutterford)

Flora Humble (Melanie Pyne)

Jim (Gerry Wilkinson)

George Pye (Barrie Armstrong)

Rosie Pye (Sophie Pierce)

Director (Peter Stallwood)

"Thanks very much, Celia, for these super images.
You have the ability (common to all great photographers) to isolate the moment exactly."

Peter Stallwood


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