Thursday 26 April 2012

Let's Promote Cambridge Open Studios

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while, may recall postings around July last year, during my participation as a photographer and book artist with Cambridge Open Studios. If you missed it all then, you may be pleased to know that I will again be opening my doors for weekends during July, along with around 200 other artists within the CB postcode area.

"Cambridge Open Studios, is a flourishing community of artists, craftspeople and designer-makers working throughout Cambridgeshire and the CB postcode areas. Our aim is to help bring artists and local people together, providing opportunities for the public to visit the workshops and studios of people working in a wide range of crafts and media, including: furniture-makers, sculptors, jewellers, print-makers, textile artists, graphics and multi-media, potters, photographers and painters – to talk directly to them about the techniques they use and the passions that inspire them."

So, why is it that when I try to explain to people about the Open Studios set-up, they imagine that I am exhibiting in a gallery in Cambridge? Simply, it is because the message still isn't fully getting across, even though Cambridge Open Studios has been in existence for over 30 years. It is particularly challenging for us artists outside the main city, such as the Uttlesford area, and it is why a new approach is being taken to try and raise awareness of what we all do.

Today, I joined forces with a young new graduate from the Met Film School. She and I then embarked on a day of filming various artists from our Uttlesford area, the footage which is to be edited into a short promotional film. It will be produced by this lovely young lady, Kenya Brading (you may recall a photoshoot I did for her back in January) and will initially be shown in Saffron Screen during this years Open Studio season. It is hoped it will then go on to be used in other venues across the CB region and next year too. By focusing the film-making on artist disciplines rather than specific artists, it will allow the film to used in this cost effective way, whilst reaching an otherwise untapped audience.

We must thank the potters, illustrator, chair makers and print maker who have kindly given us their assistance so far. We still have a couple more artist disciplines to film before the final cut.

...Coming soon to a cinema near you!

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