Thursday 12 January 2012

Tearful Departure

Well, not quite, although I am always sad to leave West Cork, even for all the rain and wind that gets thrown at me whilst I'm here. However, I'm leaving knowing that I will be back before too long, and as I may have mentioned before, there were once those who left, knowing that they would never come back. To them, the Fastnet was known as 'The Teardrop of Ireland' as it was the last glimpse that they saw of their homeland as they sailed across The Atlantic to America and a new life.

So, on my last evening in West Cork, I found myself up on the Head taking a look out towards The Fastnet Lighthouse, some seventeen or so miles away. As dusk was falling, longer exposures were required to capture the scene and with the breeze that inevitably hits this exposed point, it was almost impossible to capture the perfect shot. Even using my (albeit lightweight) tripod it was actually worse than hand-held, which this shot ended up being. So here is a challenge to make me come back- the perfect shot of the Fastnet.

For now though, it is back East.


  1. I really like that pic Celia and what you have written is really lovely! Hope you made it home safe....

  2. Thank you, Im back in the East but already looking forward to the next trip out West.


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