Wednesday 14 December 2011

Dear Santa...

There was a time when Christmas stockings were filled with the simple pleasures in life. Along with a few little itsy-bitsy things and a little bar of chocolate, there would be a shiny penny, some nuts, a satsuma and down in the bottom corner, a polished apple.

These days, if the apples and oranges aren't left out from the start, then they are quickly  hidden by the recipient, back in the household friut bowl (or waste bin if there isn't one) whilst the chocolate is stuffed and the myriad of nothings are discarded one by one.

So, it was interesting to observe recently, a young lad (seemingly under the supervising gaze of Santa) endeavouring to do a trade in another old-style, sugary apple treat: toffee apples.

Could it be seen here then, that someone was so completely enamoured that their secret Christmas list to Santa was stated very publicly? Top of the column - toffee apples!

However, unlike stocking fillers of the past, I doubt toffee apples will feature at the top of many 'Dear Santa' lists. It will be Apples of a very different kind that are desired now.

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