Tuesday 6 December 2011

Bell X1, London. 5.12.11

Paul Noonan, Bell X1
Bush Hall, London

Gigs seem to be becoming quite a regular photo opportunity for me recently, with the latest being my favourite Irish band, Bell X1. Once again we were treated to a fantastic performance by the guys on the first night of the UK leg of their tour, and I still can't understand why the UK hasn't fully picked up on them yet.

The venue, Bush Hall, was an impressive place, with chandeliers and ornate decor, and it also proved to be an easy place to photograph in. There were no awkward pillars this time, and the lighting levels allowed some great moments for shots. After its' impressive perfomance at the last gig, I decided to take my little G12 again, rather than my big DSLR so as not to shout out "photographer". Well, of course I am a photographer, but a photographer who happens to enjoy the music too. This probably helps when it comes to picking the right moment for a shot. When going cold to music gigs, it is hard to anticipate when things might happen, but by knowing the music the photographer knows who will be performing at any moment during a number and so shots can be planned. Unfortunately, unlike the last gig where I was able to move around, I did have to stay put in my front row vantage point this time. This appears not to have cramped my style, thankfully, and the rest of the images, are now in the next posting.

Once again, a big thank you to the guys from Bell X1 for
1. Putting up with me and my camera.
2. A brilliant evening

Until the next time...

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