Tuesday 22 November 2011

Christmas is Coming...

"It was a murky Monday morning in November, and the previous days star-light activity by the Christmas elves was in evidence..."

Yes, it is that time of year again and I am relieved to say that apart from a number of Christmas items arriving in the shops some weeks ago, the actual shop window decorating in our town is only just taking place. Shop owners sensitively, and rightly, waited until Remebrance Sunday had passed before the change of mood.

So, now is the time to really start considering Christmas gifts, and if I may be as bold as to suggest a visit to the i2 Art Gallery in Saffron Walden, where, along with a whole crowd of other great artists, you will find some different and unique art work for sale, including a few of my framed photographs.

If you are unable to make it along to the gallery, then don't worry, it is still possible to get your hands on one of my prints in time for Christmas! If one of my blog images has caught your eye, then go on, order it for the husband / wife / granny / grandad... or even for yourself (you know you like buying your own prezzies too). Similarly, any images you see on my website are also available to order.
Im afraid shopping carts and paypal are still one step away here (that's the project for the New Year) but not one to miss an opportunity, I am still happy to accept payment by those old-fashioned pieces of paper that you write your name on, oh as well as the £££s of course.

How to order.
1. Decide on the image.
2. Make a note of the blog page and date, then if necessary, the title or sequence number as it appears on the page (you can count can't you!)
3. Decide on size.
4. Go to this contact page and fill in all the details and I will confirm by return.

Up to A4 size Giclee print + mount               £20 +p&p
Up to A3+ size Giclee print + mount             £35 +p&p

(Last orders for UK delivery, by Saturday 17th December please.)

There you are, Christmas presents sorted!

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