Saturday 19 November 2011

Cashier No 9, Bedford. 17.11.11

Danny Todd
Cashier No 9
I actually have Bell X1 to thank for introducing me to Cashier No 9.

Back in the summer, Cashier No 9 were supporting fellow Irish band Bell X1 and by way introduction, had given a link to the video for When Jackie Shone; Cashier No 9's second single. Out of curiosity and thinking they would be just like many other support acts, I took a listen and immediately sat up and listened more intently. They were far better than other support acts I'd heard, in fact, these guys were good. Unable to make it to this promoted event, I continued with my interest in the band and in June, they released their first album To The Death of Fun. I was at first, a little surprised that the style of the album seemed somewhat different from their single but never the less, it proved to be an instantly enjoyable album that has been pretty much on repeat on my iPod since. When a tour was announced for November I ran down the venues in the hope they might just be performing somewhere that didn't involve a trip up to London (Cambridge perchance?). Unfortunately it was down to Bedford to fulfil that critera.

Originally billed for Hemel Hempstead on the 17th, the venue was changed at some stage to Bedford, which sadly for the band, seemed to affect the attendance on the night. The news obviously hadn't caught up with all of the promtional material that was still advertising Hemel and in this confusion many actually missed a fantastic gig in Bedford.

Playing with passion and polish, they treated us to what could be described as a brilliant and exclusive, private gig. Opening with Goldstar, they then played through tracks from this award-winning album including one of my favourites Lost at Sea, which had also gained them an award for best video at the NIMAs this year. (I love the harmonica-playing star-fish thingy. I want one!) We were all pleased when they also treated us to a play of my other (non-album) favourite, When Jackie Shone.
Having primarily gone to the gig to enjoy live music, I and the select audience were not disappointed. My only disappointment was for the band in that they didn't have the capacity audience they deserve.

As I said, I had gone to enjoy live music but I couldn't but help taking my little G12 along for a spot more gig photography, this time hoping for some close up opportunities. The smaller audience was actually good news for me as I'm not good in crowds and I hadn't looked forward to the front row crush. Taking my big DSLR I thought, would not be appropriate for the front row, apart from which, I might get ejected as press. However, I needn't have worried as I was in company with a couple of other DSLR users. (If only I had taken mine after all!)

So, the little G12 was being put to the test again. Of course, there would be issues with the speed of the lens and the low light. I was working with an ISO of 2000 which I knew would raise the grain issue, but I would just have to try it and see. However, if the image above is anything to go by, the little G12 is more than capable of perfoming. Right now, I'm in the process of editing the rest of the images from the night which I will post shortly.
I do question, what might I have managed had I chosen to take my pro camera - who knows?

I would like to say a big thanks to the guys for
1. Putting up with me and my camera
2. A brilliant performance - I only wish I was going to another one!


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