Monday 28 March 2016


This weekend I took on a portrait shoot with special significance, not least for the couple. It is their first, and long hoped for child and so they asked me if I might take some pregnancy portraits for their baby album.

As with all the portrait photography I am asked to do I work informally, and where possible, utilising natural light.
No studio and flashing lights here, just the natural light falling through a netted window, where, by over exposing by a couple of stops, a soft light was able to subtly show the beauty of these natural female curves. Conversely, by under exposing, a much stronger image was achieved, which was ideal for the shots including the dad-to-be, with the reflected light just catching his eyes looking lovingly up to the two beings he loves most.

All being well there are plans for another shoot, a few more weeks further into the pregnancy. Meanwhile, I wish all three of them well.

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