Wednesday 7 January 2015

Looking Forward - 2015

With 2014 now having been consigned to memories, Facebook, Twitter and blog pages, I am looking forward to 2015 with equal measures of excitement and fear.


Well, I have had a plan in mind for a couple of years now, and a whole long series of events and circumstances have finally aligned in eclipse-like fashion, and January 2015 is the time to take off the UV specs and see the aura of this solar-eclipse moment in its' true light.

In simple terms, I'm going for it!!

Many of you have been scratching your heads thinking and asking - what?
Well, regular blog readers and media followers know that I am fortunate to be able to split my life between two beautiful parts of two countries - East Anglia, UK and West Cork, Ireland. You will also know, that as a freelance photographer, work in the form of commissions and assignments can be rather up and down, so it is always in mind as to how to supplement and secure a steady living. What many of you may not know, is that I have also been tied to a particular work commitment for 19 years, albeit just a Friday for the past 16 of those. However, circumstances will change from this weekend, maybe temporarily, maybe permanently, I have yet to see but what I can see is that I won't get another opportunity like the one that is facing me now. Six months leave to try a new venture but with the security that there will still be the original work opportunity waiting for me at the end of it - should I want it.

The venture? I will keep you in suspense no longer. On Friday night (the forecast high winds permitting :-/ ) I will be sailing into Dublin on route to spending the next four months (until mid May) in West Cork, putting my all into my new venture. From our cottage overlooking the Atlantic in the far corner of Ireland, I will once again be running weekend photographic workshops and short breaks, following the successful trial back in the Autumn. As the breaks are residential, I will also be turning my hand to playing hostess, and whilst I have my white pinny starched up, I thought I may as well continue with the hosting by offering B&B during the slots when I'm not passing on my photographic enthusiasm to beginners and improvers.

Sadly, following a few personal issues and set-backs over recent weeks, it has meant that my websites have not gone fully on stream quite yet but do check out initial details of the photography breaks on

For information about the B&B, please drop by in a few days time, when details of the rooms for half term, a Valentines weekend package, the St. Patricks weekend and the Easter dates will be available for booking (or message ahead with your interest.)

And what of himself and mutt? Well, if it wasn't in part for himselfs encouragement I wouldn't be giving this venture a try, with the view to rolling out shorter blocks of workshops and/or B&B breaks on into (dare I say) 2016. This will mean I will only abandon him for short bursts of domestic duties then, rather than the long spell I will subject him to this time. Yes, of course I will miss him but not as much as I will miss my little walking companion!!! Mutt will be staying here in the East to keep himself company. As I sadly realised yesterday during my regular walk with mutt, it will be the summer before I see the familiar skeletal landmark tree again (in the picture above) but those four months will fly by and I am looking forward to charting the progress of spring again, this time in West Cork.

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