Thursday 3 July 2014

August Challenge

Hope you like the shot I took of John Webb's Windmill in Thaxted yesterday? It is appropriate really as it is a great introduction to what has now become an annual event for me.

Yes folks, it is time to prepare for my August Challenge!

Now into my fourth year, I'm very much looking forward to taking on the list that you, my friends and followers create for me. Last year you kindly set me going on random subjects. This year, the random nature will still exist but within a particular framework. That framework is...


What? Where? I hear you say. Well, if you are regular readers of my blog, you will remember the big event I blogged about back in March when Uttlesford was announced as Britain's most desirable rural area to live.
So how many people outside of the area know anything about Uttlesford? Where it is? What it has to offer? Well here is your chance to change that. If you already know of the area, I want you to suggest something to photograph to show those who don't know. However, those of you who live far and wide and who suggested subjects for me last year, don't think this doesn't include you this year. Far from it! Do a little Google, find something about Uttlesford that intrigues, interests, whatever, and set me a challenge to bring the area to you.

So, what suggestions am I looking for? Well there would be obvious ones such as a suggestion to photograph John Webb's Windmill in Thaxted, as I did yesterday. Then there could be the more obscure suggestions. It could be people, place, story... you think - I'm not going to put too many ideas into your heads. The only thing I ask is that it is do-able in a day. I have one caveat to that. I won't actually be in the area on 1st & 2nd August so may just have to bend the rules slightly with suggestions on those two days.

What about the rules? Well nothing too complicated. Simply:

-The picture is to be taken on the designated day. (I will endeavour to include a grab of the meta-data as proof)
-Barring exceptional circumstances, the image will be posted on my blog before midnight on the designated day.
-I am allowed artistic licence when interpreting the brief.
-Have fun.

And then what?
Well, once August is over, I am delighted to announce a collaboration with Design Essentials in Saffron Walden where all of the images will be on display on her 'dynamic wall' during September and will of course, be available for sale. This will be an exhibition with a difference - an exhibition created by YOU!

Right, so get thinking. I need at least 31 suggestions (please try not to repeat subjects covered previously), and for logistical reasons, I will need them before 20th July please. As before, write your suggestions in the comments box below so that everyone can see what has been suggested and to give ideas to those who are thinking about it.

I'm banking on you all!


  1. Stansted's birthday as a civil airport is August 12th, so I'd like to see something to celebrate that.

    1. Ooo, I like a good birthday celebration!

  2. My request for the 15th is "reflections" . Make of that what you will! Sharon

    1. Thank you - that is a very wide brief within Uttlesford but could be an interesting one.

  3. KM via Twitter suggests:
    "That time again!!! Love the challenges last year! May I set u the challenge of Uttlesford's oldest building?"

    and to confirm, a building still in use and not a ruin.

    A good one K. Thank you

  4. DH via Facebook suggests:
    The highest point?!!

    Another good one!

  5. TY via Facebook suggests:
    "Put me down for the 10th something nautical" interesting one seeing as we are a landlocked region

  6. MS via Twitter suggests:
    from me...: TURPIN (have more if you need them)

    Nice one!

  7. How about 'Employment' - any day you like!

  8. Replies
    1. Hmmmm I know where this one will take me :-)

  9. CJ via Twitter suggests:|
    "how about 'peace' - ties in with the Quaker heritage but also sets against SW as the base of Cromwell's Army..."

    Interesting one!

  10. Addo via Facebook suggests:
    "How about an Aeronautical theme - Audley End or Stand Still both within Uttlesford?"

    As Stansted is already listed for the 12th, it will have to be the other one.

  11. Enna via Facebook suggests:

    "The Rt Hon Haselhurst"

    Portrait time?

  12. There must be a blemish somewhere in this Utopia so my subject is "Out damn spot". As to date, how about 6th?

    1. Sadly, there is most likely a blot on the landscape.

  13. CAS via Facebook suggests:

    Teens: I've often wondered if they find it as much fun as the rest of us living in this rural idyll!

  14. NB via Facebook suggests:

    "Howzat! (any Sunday)"

    Truly a rural idyll

  15. CD via Facebook suggests:

    "Uttlesford wildlife."

    A subject close to my heart :-)

  16. ED via Facebook suggests:

    "If you aren't doing a specific one on the 14th, a homely/family theme as that'll be to the year I came home from Venezuela. Not directly related to Uttlesford but I'm sure you can relate it!"

    I'm sure I can manage to relate it somehow

  17. JJ via facebook suggested:

    "What about the most rural and quietest place in Uttlesford you can find. No phone signal, no view of pylons, wind turrbines, road traffic noise or voices xx"

    Mmm, nice one! I might just stay there when I find it!

  18. How does Uttlesford demonstrate the rural idyll sitting comfortably alongside the pace and rush of a modern society?

    1. Wow - that was is a challenge for sure! Think I might alrady have something in mind for this one ;-)

  19. WH via Facebook suggested:

    "How about carver barracks. Any day you wish x"

    Always happy to support our troops!

  20. Hiya Celia... I have one which is probably quite easy to capture..:) "Uttlesford's extensive Cycle Network" ... go interpret that how you will :)

    1. well... we can but hope that the Tour de France legacy might just change all that!

  21. MT via Twitter suggested:

    "An ugly building in saffron walden which becomes beautiful because of the way you photograph it?
    the ugly building. Like the factory opposite tescos..."

    Yup- the building it is then!

  22. Hi Celia
    "Chess in Uttelsford".
    Your move...
    (NB I know you like to be creative so chessboard patterns in flooring,walls and buildings or any chess related thing can be considered!).
    Best wishes
    Richard :-)

  23. ZI via Twitter suggests:

    "Ok photo why/what Uttersford means as in were name comes from. (No talking in houses only allowed to Utter when fording river?)"

    Thanks - the perfect one for this years annual challenge, given the subject...
    although we are talking Utt-les-ford here ;-)

  24. Something to do with the oldest football club in Essex
    "Up the Bloods"

  25. How about a composite photo of the open farmland to the east of Saffron Walden soon to be despoiled by unsustainable development, thanks to the combined efforts of our elected representatives and planners at Uttlesford District Council.

    Possibly not your greatest challenge, but at least, it will provide a record of what we have lost for ever.

    1. Recording is what I do! It will be sad to see it disappear.

      Thank you

  26. LB via twitter suggests:

    "How about "Inside Out"?"

    This might be a handy ambiguous one for the caveat days

  27. RK via twitter suggests:

    "love those old buildings in your area..The houses etc with timbers olde English. Let's see how you represent this"

    Well we certainly have a wealth of those.


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