Wednesday 16 October 2013

Sadness, Realisations and Hopes

The return from our holiday was not entirely met with joy, although that can be quite a normal post-holiday emotion. Sadly, this time, there were some realisations that have made the first few days back rather more painful than usual. Apart from the clear signs that we are now on the road to Autumn, there have been a few extra changes to address.

Mutt spent the whole of the first day back with the vet, undergoing lots of tests to find out why she appeared to have lost interest in going for walks whilst we were away. The long and short of it is she has arthritis in her back, which is no wonder she wasn't too keen to walk. We now face the prospect of regular anti-inflamatories and at twelve years old, suppose it is something that is to be expected but it is sad. Indeed, we all have realisations that things are catching up with us. Eyes and hands, essential tools of my trade, are both showing signs of wear and tear, which is rather sad. I can cope with a camera wearing out but... Then there have been issues. Realisation that some unexpected yet good happenings in life can't be held on to and which needed addressing with sadness. Some bright business ideas which seemed promising that haven't come to fruition and now need to move on. Also sad but things change.

So I picked probably the most dismal autumn day to take mutt (yes she has new bounce thanks to a few pills) for a walk in my favourite place to have a mull over everything.

In the two-plus weeks since I was last there, even the view from my spot had changed. Sad? Not really, as the field-edge clearance carried out by the farmer had opened up visibility on the deer ground. Here was a positive. Hopefully too, the rutting activity might still be in progress, which only an early morning visit will confirm.
Unfortunately, the blustery Autumn weather had targeted my hide, with fallen branches displacing the structure which has stood for a couple of years.

Sad? Not really. The fallen branches were ideal to repair the damaged hide and with a bit of tidying up, it is again ready for a (dry) morning visit. Another positive.
And what of the other issues? A visit to the optician is due and the glucosamine dose is being reviewed. It can be managed in a positive way. Letting go of some life happenings is hard to do, just as letting offspring go is hard, but all have left good memories and there would always be delight if they turn up. A positive.
Finally, business. There have been frustrations but now there are some exciting things in the pipeline and, as I mentioned a little while back, the website update is in progress, it is just hanging fire a little while longer in the hope of incorporating the new ideas.
Although there is sadness that things aren't forever, I am positive I can realise my hopes.
A deep breath and onwards...

So I'm not allowing the rot to set in just yet, It might only be Autumn but I am sensing Spring ahead!


  1. What a wonderful post, and despite the sadness, it's also a real statement of hope. I know how difficult it is to face life changes (I'm 60 next year, I know!), and then again no matter how much the years roll on there's a;ways something new, something hopeful, something challenging (in a good way); there are always new people who come into our lives and bring out a little bit of sunshine; and old ones return to make us smile. There is never a night with no promise of morning.

    Thank you for your beautiful photographs, and your thoughts.

    1. It is nice to pass on optimism despite the sadness. Thank you.


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