Wednesday 5 June 2013

Lovely Evening For It

1. I hardly had any food in the house
2. It was a lovely evening
3. I deserved a break after a hard day cleaning and preparing the cottage for the summer season
I took myself off to Baltimore in search of my dinner this evening. 

I was just about to place my order with the barman in Bushe's Bar when his bleeper went off. About to drop everything he was doing, he breathed a sigh of relief when he checked to find that he wasn't needed on this occasion. Naturally, I wasn't surprised to learn that he was a member of the Baltimore lifeboat crew.

I thought nothing more of it as I sat outside the bar in the evening sunshine and ate my plate of fresh grilled haddock and chips, enjoying the lovely view. Just as I finished, the clouds started to roll in on what was the end of a wonderful day out here in West Cork. Clearly it was time to move indoors and pay the bill and as I walked back to the car past the harbour, I was reminded of the earlier shout. The Baltimore lifeboat, the Alan Massey was on it's way into the harbour, seemingly to drop off the subjects of the call-out. In the evening light, this Tamar class all weather lifeboat made a splendid picture.

Along with Southwold RNLI in the far East of England, I also like to keep a watch on the Baltimore RNLI out here in the far West of Ireland too. Normally, this is via a text message that comes to himself's mobile phone, announcing that the Baltimore lifeboat has been launched. I understand that this 'boat launched' text message generates a donation to the RNLI and whenever himself says "Baltimore lifeboat was launched again today" I first hope that the outcome is successful and all are safe and second it reminds me that I have every respect for all RNLI crews who go out in all weathers, and not always in the calm of an evening like this evening.

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