Friday 28 December 2012

Tragumna Christmas Day Swim 2012

Christmas Day in West Cork brings out the brave, the mad and the bold, to take part in the annual swims on various beaches across the region. This years stunningly sunny weather brought the partakers and spectators to the little strand at Tragumna in their droves, and all in aid of charity. It was overheard to be the best turn-out in years.


This particular bold, mad, brave soul is seemingly a regular, having produced a memorable performance a few years ago when his 'golden balls' failed to stay in their allocated position. Upon returning from the chilly dip, they were far from being invisible (as might normally be expected) instead they were rather low-slung and droopy! (Not to mention some additional droopy items)

However, hats off to him and everyone else who braved the chilly water, this year (and every year) to provide a wonderful diversion from the turkey-cooking.

I will now let the pictures tell the story for themselves.

@yohto13 says that this image needs a caption...
suggestions in the comments box at the bottom please!



  1. Okay here goes {Dog at the Edge of the tide} Caption suggestion! "No One Said Anything to me about going in?" {Little Girl looking at Flipper Man}"He needs a Lesson in colour co-ordination?"
    Really Great Pictures totally captures the occasion!

  2. Thanks Tony- they really made me smile :)

  3. @BestBroadsYacht suggests for the first image
    Is this the way to Honalulu?


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