Wednesday 20 June 2012

Motorbike Zone (again)

Thank heavens that the longest day of the year provided us with such a lovely evening! Relief was on two counts. Firstly, it was the 27th RDMCC Meldreth Motorcycle Show, with the good weather guaranteeing an excellent turnout and subsequently a huge amount being raised
for charity.
The carpark was full and the bike paddocks were struggling to accommodate the thousands of bikes that had turned out for this annual event.

Secondly, a certain someone wanted to arrive at this years show on his pride and joy -

which meant that if I was to join him for the evening, there was only one way...
on the back... and I do prefer fair weather riding.
Now, as you know, I'm not unfamiliar with reading 'Arai size 7 - 7 1/8' for hours on end, but never before had I done so from the pillion of the Guzzi. In fact, I hadn't ridden on a seventies vintage bike since I was a college student, and had truly forgotten the experience.
The formula being: hold tight around his middle, grip with the knees and experience that vibration through the footpegs! I couldn't begin to count the number of hours experienced in all weathers, that we did like that as 'poor students'.
Tonight though, we were able to enjoy a ride again in ideal conditions- all bar the flies. His face resembled a garibaldi by the time we got home due to his choice of vintage openface helmet and goggles.

Helmets. Now there's a problem. What to do with them whilst at an event? Choice- Sit them on the floor and chain them to the bike with the risk of sharing the ride home with a hitch-hiking earwig? Carry them handbag-style until your arm drops off and the contents of the 'that smells good but don't taste so great' chip punnet ends up tumbling into the headless void? Or, as the thoughtful people at Meldreth provided, a helmet park to leave them at for a small fee?

Somehow I don't think this attendee took up the offer of the helmet park!

So, the show. Although it is my second dip into a high testosterone zone in the space of two weeks, you have to hand it to the amazingly generous two-wheeled community, for coming together to raise funds for great charitable causes.

And the ride? I have to say I rather enjoyed it as it was quite reminiscent and took me back. However, I'm not sure I would want to go very far on the old Guzzi, as very quickly I remembered the not so comfortable numb posterior and aching back that made me thank heavens for eventually graduating from two wheels to four.

Post script
An incredible £12,000 was raised for Friends of Meldreth Manor (Scope), East Anglian Air Ambulance and Blood Runners Herts & Beds.
2,000 bikes turned up with over 2,500 people attending.

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