Thursday 8 August 2013

Day 8 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Waterfall / wet"

Suggested by - Hilary via blog

A waterfall East Anglia?!!

Well, there are certainly none of of any consequence in this region. For anything spectacular, I would need to be in The Peaks, The Lakes, Wales, anywhere but here, and I was destined to be here in East Anglia today. So I thought... There are natural waterfalls and man-made waterfalls, and I was more likely to find the latter, here in this region.

Sewage out-flows? No!
Weirs? Possibly.
No, wait! What about water leaking through lock gates? After all, the whole point of locks it to allow water to go up ...and down. Water levels fall = waterfall. Yes?

Well, too bad, that is what I decided anyway and I took myself off to the nearest lock on the River Stort Navigation. Sure enough, I found a leaking lock and was able to apply a little bit of the 'milky water' treatment to the escaping river. Whilst it isn't my favourite technique, it worked quite effectively in this situation, although I would have liked the lock to be rather more leaky!

Knowing who suggested this challenge, I'm sure the choice of locks would be appreciated, having spent many hours, even days walking the canal paths of the Midlands. However, I cannot compete with what was the inspiration for this challenge - the Angel Falls in Venezuela, the place her daughter was actually visiting when challenge was posted.

...Lucky her, I'm not in the least bit jealous!

The screen grab

My thanks to:
Hilary for her suggestion
OS map 167 for guiding me to the nearest lock (And jolly nice it was too! I will certainly be going back)

Tomorrow, Day 9



  1. You've met the challenge really cleverly! And the slower shutter speed works well. Excellent.

  2. Definitely appreciated the locks - we went and looked up where you had been - very interesting.

    The inspiration certainly has me looking forward to some other photos when she returns next week!

    We had some good waterfalls in Cornwall today - might only be able to post one from my phone today, otherwise it will have to wait until we are home.

    Thanks for that - enjoyed it!


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