Friday 9 August 2013

Day 9 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Dog"

Suggested by - Ian

I often get asked to photograph pets, and these are two I've wanted to capture for a long time, as they are such opposites. I always prefer to shoot in the environment they are most at home in, as it makes for relaxed animals - sometimes just too relaxed though!

Meet Mr Darcy, a laid-back English Pointer, and Mouse, an inquisitive Italian Greyhound. (Ive just finished cleaning the little nose-smudges of my lens!) My hope for these two was to be able to show their comparative sizes, with Mouse cooly trotting under Mr Darcy's tummy.
Over the years, I have learnt that pre-planning an ideal image with animals will just never come off, so again, I just go with it and capture the character as it happens. And this is just what happened this evening - no size comparisons, just a laid-back Mr Darcy and an inquisitive Mouse. Far better than trying to get them to pose as we want them.
And yes, I took one of Mr Darcy as the main subject too, just so the owner doesn't think I'm showing favouritism.

So, Ian, whether your idea of a dog is something lap-size, or something more substantial, I'd like to think I've covered both bases here.

The grab shot.

My thanks to:
Ian for the suggestion
Mr Darcy and Mouse for being great relaxed subjects

Tomorrow, Day 10


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  1. Ah, how could anyone not like that. Such a character... Wonderful!


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