Wednesday 26 October 2011

Canon TC-DC58D 1.4x tele-converter. Review

Canon Pro Solutions 2011

When I visited Canon Pro Solutions at the Business Design Centre last year, I could barely get a look-in at the then, new Powershot G12. This year, all focus was on the new 1Dx thus allowing visitors ample time to get a look-in on the G12.

However, as I have now been using my G12 since August, there was no need for me to try out this camera at the show yesterday as, if you have been following my blog, you will see I have been putting this addition to my camera bag through its paces over the past couple of months. I have been particularly pleased with the close-up ability and the general adaptablity for this pocket camera. Sadly, one of my gripes has been regards poor results at the far end of the digital zoom.

So, it was with this in mind that I took the opportunity to try at the show, the TC-DC58D 1.4x tele-converter on my own G12. By doing this, I have been able to bring the resulting images home for comparison before I make any decision as to whether it is worth shelling out around £130 for this potential addition to the G12 kit.

Here are the results:

Maximum digital zoom

Normal + 1.4x tele-converter
Maximum digital zoom + 1.4x tele-converter

 Comparison with & without 1.4x tele-converter

The 1.4x gives only a marginally better magnification. In this example the 1.4x also appears to be sharper than the full digital zoom although I would like to have done another test to discount camera shake.

To be perfectly honest, for the small boost in magnification that it provides, coupled with a potential dust-containment issue inside it and fiddly attaching proceedure, to me, means it really isn't worth it. The tele-converter would only be attached, when required at full reach as the vignetting that is created means that there is only a very small useable portion of the actual lens. At other times,  the 1.4x would just be in the way.
I actually feel that this piece of kit would only end up staying in my camera bag and so can  say now I definitely won't be buying one. I can think of far better additions for my 5D II that I could spend my money on instead.

Final word:

Am I expecting too much of what is only intended to be a pocket camera? Well, no but I will accept its limitations and stick with this useful little G12, using it in the close to mid range that it is best at. Full digital zoom will therefore only be used for those 'no alternative' occasions.

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  1. Yes useful review on what I was thinking about for my Canon G15 - I would expect the same results for the Canon TC-DC58E teleconverter. Glen

  2. I found this useful information as well. I appreciate the examples. I am really down to choosing between the G15 or the G1X, so I'm looking at all the accessories, etc. This helps. You cannot get much info on the accessories from the actual Canon site, it seems. The articulating screen was a big factor, however, with the Macro not stated to fair well, low angles wouldn't work, Plus, the 15 might turn out alright with the smart shutter to compensate. Thanks again. JM

  3. Thanks for the review Aliec. I was considering buying the tele-converter for my new G15 which I bought to replace my lovely G12 which was stolen.
    From your review, and the comparison photos were most useful, and one or two others that I have read from folks who really seem to know what they are talking about, I think I will give this lens a miss.

  4. Thanks for the review. I have a G12 and maybe will be considering an slr instead of the teleconverter.

  5. I have canon G10 and was planning to opt for teleconverter but I think after reading this there is no use buying the teleconverter....Instead I go for another camera...Canon EOS600D...

  6. I was thinking of buying the teleconverter for my G11,before going to New Zealand, but I think I will save my money. Disappointing but many thanks.


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