Thursday 29 August 2013

Day 29 - August Challenge

Challenge - "Clarinet (with player) for the 29 August please."

Suggested by - Monika via blog

This study of a clarinet (with player) takes me back to when I was about 10 years old and I began to learn to play the clarinet by copying the fingering which the teacher demonstrated. I have to admit, I didn't get very good at it as I never practised enough (nor the oboe which followed a few years later). This avoidance of practise was to spare my parents from those awful squeaks which involuntarily emanated from this otherwise fine instrument. Well that's my story anyway!

Now I just enjoy watching and listening and really appreciate the hard work that goes into becoming an accomplished player. And that is who I was hoping to enlist to fulfil this assignment. However, for one reason or another, the accomplished player didn't come my way. Instead I enlisted the help of a local accomplished and specialist music shop, where we had bought a particularly fine flute for our eldest. ...And who, I am happy to say, did do the practise so we now, as parents, were able to the lovely sounds that emanated from higher up in the house.

The joys of fine music!

The grab shot

My thanks to:
Monika for the suggestion (and Happy Birthday to the Mr!)
Daniel Bangham at Wood, Wind and Reed in Cambridge

Tomorrow, Day 30 - the penultimate challenge

"Young Singers"


  1. Perfect choice of b&w, perfect composition, perfect DOF - wonderful photo.

  2. A perfect surprise for what proved to be my birthday assignment!
    As a (currently retired) clarinetist I think you captured the excitement of it perfectly - for me anyway... and a really nice reminder to pick it up again and play!
    Thank you again - a great birthday present, says
    The Mr.

    1. Im delighted it made a great birthday surprise for you :-)

  3. Thanks Celia,
    He loves it and is tempted to be the model himself next time. Might be a nice birthday present next year... or the beginning of something else.


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