Sunday 25 August 2013

Day 25 - August Challenge

 Challenge - "A photo that stirs emotion (any kind) and explain the reason why"

Suggested by - Ca via Twitter

I will be the first to agree, it isn't for everybody - the image, or the concept of breastfeeding.
However, I am making no apologies here, it is an action which stirs huge emotions in me. Why? Because I am a mother! I successfully fed both of our offspring for 8+ and 7 months respectively and I loved it! I can't say it was easy at the beginning but once accomplished, it was so enjoyable, and I have to admit, probably the most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life. So now, to see mothers also performing what can be a very intimate but totally natural action, fills me with great joy and emotion. It can even still bring on a tingling sensation that only a mother will know.

When this assignment came in, I was pretty certain about what I wanted to do but finding a mother who would be prepared to share this moment of special bonding with their child might prove tricky. After putting out a few feelers, a message dropped into my mailbox.

"Hi, heard you are looking for a breast feeding model? I'm game! Have a 12 week old little boy"

Naturally I was delighted, for as mentioned before, it isn't for everybody, let alone having a camera recording the moment. Jenni advised me that 11am was usual for his feed, so I arrived with plenty of time to spare to ensure we could all settle. There was no time to spare! The little man was hungry and, with not a moment to set up, we went head-long into the shoot.

What a little star! First shot, and he gifts me this. (What did I say only on Wednesday? Why is it often first or last shot that ends up being the one!) Of course, I went on to take more lovely images of little Ollie, for his mum Jenni and not forgetting dad, Richard. I am so grateful to this lovely young family for being so open and willing. It was a delight and little Ollie is a gorgeous delight. Just 12 weeks old (born on the 1st June) he will grow and change quickly and now, hopefully, mum and dad, you will be able to treasure one more special moment.

Thank you.

The grab shot

My thanks to:
Ca for the suggestion
Carol and Corinne for being the go-betweens
Huge, huge thanks to Jenni and Richard
Special thanks to the little star, Ollie

Tomorrow, Day 26


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  1. What a gorgeous picture! Stirs the same emotions in me too. Thank you!

    Thinking of my niece (in law) who has just become a mum this week...

  2. This is a totally perfect photo. The lighting is amazing, and it captures the scene so well. The crop is just right. And while I am not a mother, I see the emotive force of it immediately, and can feel it.

  3. Ha..doesn't stir much emotion for me except for a little bit of surprise! I look forward to more female still life shots (not being sexist!!)?! Nice one :-)

  4. Love the way you can see the texture and softness of the skin on the breast and the baby's hair.

    1. Thank you - A kind comment
      I am always available for commissions of a similar nature ;-)


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