Saturday 31 December 2011

Review of the Year 2

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Following on from the most viewed posts shown yesterday, part two of this review instead looks at my personal selection from each month. I hadn't realised how difficult it would be as there was always more than one image that I wanted to feature from each month. Eventually I had to choose, and a short explanation follows on from each.

Incidentally I chose the image above to head this post as it was just such a lovely moment during the local Summer Carnival. (To catch up with this full post, and all the other posts, click on the caption beneath each image)


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It all began here with my first post, so it was only natural to include this almost typical observation of Irish life.


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Another observational image. This seemingly unusual location for a post box is worthy of a repeat showing.


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Wildlife was to feature regularly throughout the year, with this indicator of Spring providing a seasonal lift.


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It must be something to do with heads of creatures popping up above a green shroud but I just love the almost artisitc simplicity of this shot.


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Probably a one-off opportunity to capture a shot of the Presidential Jumbo following his visit to the UK.


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It makes me smile every time I see the title of this post pop up regularly in my blog stats.
I fear that the Googler (is that a word?!) has a completely different anticipation when searching for 'Roman Orgy'.


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I had fun writing this post and it will probably appeal to followers of football.
I also had fun photographing these short-lived creatures.


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This is a landmark with my point & shoot (rather than my DSLR) I had just replaced an old Sony p&s with a Canon G12 and was keen to put it to the test.


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I had completed on an interesting project - the 30 Day Challenge - one photo per day for a whole month, the image above being the first of the thirty.


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October saw me spending many-a-dawn out in the field after THE shot of the annual deer rut. I captured some pleasing shots but THE shot will have to wait for another year.


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A slight departure from the wildlife shots but enjoyable none-the-less.


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Portraiture featured high on the list towards the end of the year including an opportunity to photograph this outstanding performance.

So there it is.
I hope you enjoyed my selection. If I have missed out your favourite, then I apologise but why not drop me a comment below and perhaps I can revisit the post another day.

Thank you to all those who have followed my eclectic photographic offerings in 2011 and hope you will be back with me in 2012.

Now it just remains for me to wish you all

A Very Happy New Year!

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