Sunday 4 December 2011

Butcher of Repute

During a very enjoyable stay with friends out in Shropshire this weekend, I was introduced to their local butcher and his products.

Pork pies, pasties and meat pies were tantalisingly displayed in a festive window, and judging by the queue trailing way out into the street, the reputation of this butcher is clearly second to none. If the leg of lamb we had for Sunday dinner today was anything to go by, then the taste of these other meat products will equal their stunning mouth-watering looks.

Sadly, I can only take it on good authority from our hosts and my better half, that the pork pies are to die for! As beautiful as they look, the pastry is the big barrier to me being able to enjoy these delicious products. I just imagine as I sit and watch others enjoying these delights that I once used to be able to enjoy. However, what is wonderful is that an independent retailer is still able to satisfy his customers, and long may it continue.

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