Tuesday 13 December 2011


You are probably asking what am I doing taking pictures of muddy little puddles? If you really want to know, it is actually something to get excited about, as are muddy boots during the daily walk.

Why? Well, as some of you might remember from previous posts, this region has been missing out on rain for rather a long time. So much so that we are now officially drier than the Middle East! With this current spell of bad weather (foretold by the moon halo at the weekend) we have had a couple of nights of rain, and to keep us all happy, the days have turned out to be dry and sunny, if not a little windy. A few steady weeks of this is what we could do with to try and boost up the depleted reservoirs, ponds and streams.

To take the picture above, I was standing in the course of a stream that has been empty for months, so any evidence of a puddle is significant. A couple of years ago I certainly wouldn't have been able to stand in the same spot. This little stream was full to bursting, to the extent that the little wooden bridge was shifted a whole metre down stream.

It seems unfair that some regions of the UK have had more than their fair share of rain whilst others are beginning to worry about lack of water. However, we should be grateful as there are regions of the world who are suffering great hardships due to the lack of this basic requirement for life.

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