Sunday 11 December 2011

Lunar Eclipse v. Moon Halo

2011 has been special in the lunar eclipse calendar as there were two occasions when a total lunar eclipse occurred. The first was on 15th June, when, you may recall, I attempted to photograph the event - with little success. (See Totally Eclipsed) The second was yesterday, 10th December, when once again, due to unsuitable weather conditions, the event escaped my lens.

However, I have not come away from the event empty-handed. My better half was returning from an evening out when he beckoned me to go outside at 10.30pm, and "Look at a ring around the moon". It was certainly worth a try at a photograph, so quickly donning some warm clothes, I plonked the camera on the tripod and took a series of images on different exposures and time settings. Eventually a 30 second exposure provided this image, with just a few simple post-production adjustments of the levels.

Instead of a lunar eclipse, I had captured a moon halo a phenomenon that occurs due to the presence of ice crystals high up in the atmosphere. Whilst not the red-eclipse moon I had hoped for, it was something equally beautiful. (Even if it is supposed to foretell bad weather)

So, until 15th April 2014, when there will be the next opportunity for a total lunar eclipse, (if I am in the right continent at the time) here is my version of the December lunar eclipse.


  1. That's awesome, I've seen the moon like that only a few times, wonderful capture. Yes it does signal frosty weather, but I like that!

  2. Thanks.
    Apparently if you count the stars inside the halo, that gives the number of days until the bad weather arrives.
    There were no stars and the wind and rain turned up on Sunday afternoon.
    Maybe the folklore works!


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