Friday, 21 January 2011

Unexciting to Interesting

Today I was working on a commission to photograph a recently completed industrial building. How exciting is that?
Well, it is all part of the job description and the brief is to deliver. So, on a bright crisp       1 deg c. day (yep, changed like the weather again) I stood outside to photograph (I have to admit) a very smart looking new building. First, my fingers were close to freezing onto the tripod and camera body and then the cold drained the last bit of juice from my remote shutter release. Did I have a spare battery? What do you think? (Note to self, anticipate batteries failing when least expecting it)
After a circumnavigation of the building a number of usable outside shots were in the bag. My attention then moved to inside. I'm not sure why but I couldn't resist the strong compulsion to remove my heavy weight boots to walk on the most amazing floor I had seen in ages. Numbed to the cold creeping up through my socks I spent the next half hour marvelling at the light and trying to capture this atmosphere in what was 'just an industrial unit'. In a few days time, it would take on a completely different persona when the new inhabitants move in. It probably wouldn't appear this interesting again.
Oh, I think I did manage to bag the interior shots the client needed as well.


  1. What a fantastic photo Celia - leave it to you to make the mundane look so interesting. I'm sure your clients will be happy!

  2. Hi Celia

    Really like this too! Clare


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