Sunday, 23 January 2011

Pretty Girls

They are so pretty but they are cows.
I will excuse you for thinking that this might have been a comment overheard at a beauty pageant or fashion show, but infact, it is what I think every time I see a Jersey cow. You can't but fail to be attracted to those gorgeous eyes and the shapely mouth. Their skin tones may vary but those wonderful toffee colours just add to the overall attractiveness of their dainty frames.
I am fortunate enough to be able to see a herd of these beauties locally. I suspect, though that the pureness of breed has been adjusted slightly over the years, judging by the man they currently have about the house. This dark, handsome beast must be having the time of his life with all these pretty girls! Anyway, although some girls sport his darker hair colour, there is no disputing those original female genes.

I expect someone out there in-the-know will point out my lack of knowledge with all things bovine, and so I apologise in advance. However, anyone observing this row of breakfasting girls today, would have to agree with me that they are front-page models, compared to any of the plain-Janes that graze our fields regionally. Unlike a highly-strung super-model, these girls have a placid nature. They certainly aren't skitzy and calmly continue chomping whilst the adoring audience pass by. Their inquisitive nature does finally get the better of them though, causing each of them to turn their heads as a Mexican wave, and saying,
"Aren't I gorgeous, look at me!"

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