Thursday, 20 January 2011

Another wet day - Oh Joy!

Only yesterday I had hoped there was a seasonal improvement but I should know by now that British weather can change like, well, like the weather. Rain can mean that any chance of photography is short-lived and the camera stays safely in the kit bag.
Not so, wet days can also present some unusual opportunities if you just take time to look.
Having bagged the front seat of a nearly empty double-decker I thought it an excellent opportunity to play with my little point and shoot. Clicking away in a pretty random manner had the effect of keeping new passengers away from my superb vantage point. (No-one chooses to sit next to a nutter on the bus now do they? See if I care!)
The raindrop spattered window gave the throw of focus I desired, making a quite ordinary city street scene into one altogether more interesting. It also produced the added effect of the raindrops acting almost like prisms on the hard edges of the subject. (Click on the image and take a closer look in the larger window)
You have seen a similar effect before? Sure, check out the Plastic Wrap filter in Photoshop, but his time it was done without a little help from our friend Adobe. Oh Joy!

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