Monday 23 July 2012

Thank You

After three years of use for Open Studios, five spot bulbs blew at once this morning as I began the tidy-up. After two weekends, the lillies have blown over too. I think this means it is time for a rest from Open Studios!

However, my grateful thanks goes to all those who visited this year (and previous years) and all those who were kind enough to purchase the mountains of greeting cards. I even had to do a second print run of my running hare image it proved so popular.
I appreciate all your support during times that are tough economically.

It was lovely meeting everyone, both the regulars and the new faces. Also, the art, design and photography students who came as part of their studies, and unlike some, I'm always happy to share the joy and enthusiasm of creativity and photography with them. Afterall, they are the future. Let's embrace them rather than alienate them - we all had to begin somewhere.

You may already be aware that I will not be taking part in Open Studios next year as I will have a very important and happy draw on my attention. However, this doesn't mean that I am giving up the photography - far from it.
Open Studios has been an excellent route back into the creative world that I had left behind before embarking on the joyous career of being a full-time mum, and which sadly, now too has come to an end. Photography and bookarts will continue to progress from here onwards, and if the recent increase in calls for commissions is anything to go by, then the three years at plugging away to re-establish myself has paid off. It hasn't always been easy and there were times when I thought I would give up but it is down to those who have believed in me that I am still here now. Thank you all.

I can't finish without saying a huge, huge thank you for all the support and patience from my better half and also our lovely off-spring. Love to you all- oh and not forgetting my lovely patient photographers assistant currently sleeping beside my desk.

And now, the house can transform back to normality...

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  1. Your better half wishes you luck on the next phase of the journey. Keep your buisness head screwed firmly on though.


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