Sunday 2 June 2013

Isle of Man TT

Racing into Parliament Square

Sitting down with a glass of wine, in front of the TV last night, himself asked if I minded if he switched channels as
"The TT is on"

Crikes! is it really a year since we joined the host of bikers to immerse ourselves into the atmosphere of this two-wheeled spectacular on the public roads of the Isle of Man?

I suddenly realised that I hadn't edited any of the images from our visit, and it is a classic case of, if you don't set-to and do an edit as soon as you can, they just won't get done at all - unless you have a publication editor screaming a deadline at you! These images were purely for our own pleasure and as I would have had deadlines for other assignments on my return from the lovely Isle of Man, the TT got put to the back of my hard drive.

So, here in celebration of the event are a few random images I have quickly pulled form the images folder. At this moment, I couldn't fill you in with the details of the races or riders as I had intended to look up those details from online reports. I will of course do that later... but it might just take me another year to do it!

Manx rider closely negotiating the winding roads

Sidecars frequently taking off over the brow of this rise

An evening of racing on the street circuit - Ramsey

About to get the knees down on the 'Gooseneck'


  1. Some lovely photos, my old man is a big bike fan and I'll be shooting his bike in the next 12 months.

    Hope my edit doesn't take 12 months like yours did! ;)

    1. What do they say... "the plumbers tap always drips"
      Always manage the edits for others but mine, well!

      ...and thanks for the nice comment too.
      Good luck with shooting the old man, what? Oh! His b i k e ;-)


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