Tuesday 25 June 2013

The New Fox, Performing Now...

Jesse Fox

A little while back you may remember a post I made about an up and coming young actor.
Well, here is a chance to go and see him in action.

Currently appearing in Hard Feelings at the Finborough Theatre until 6th July, the play, written and set in the 80's, is about a group of Oxford graduates, living in Brixton, who are more concerned about the battles within their home than the riots that are going on outside.

Receiving excellent reviews, it is a play to try and get along to if you live in the south. For those of you living further north, his next role will be at the Edinburgh Festival.

Break a leg Jess!


  1. spectacular! is he one of the Fox family? laurence, edward etc?

  2. Thank you - no, an unconnected Fox.


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