Wednesday 17 October 2012

Damp + Mild =

Whilst we had a couple of frosty starts last week, the previous two mornings have not been conducive to an early start to go on the deer watch, as I have been doing recently.

Yesterday it was far too windy and this morning it was raining, leaving me to have a couple of comparatively luxurious lie-ins. However, mutt still needed her walk, and once on the move, it wasn't long before I was peeling the layers off. The temperatures are up on the latter part of last week and coupled with the over-night rain, it can only lead to one thing at this time of the year -


Such a variety!

The first two examples being regular recurrents under the same trees in the park.


  1. Just to say i enjoy your blogs! You really ought to offer this service to others as i think you are good.

  2. That is very kind of you to say so. Would be happy to discuss if anyone were to make the approach

  3. Hi Celia,
    I absolutely love your photos of the fungi, especially the first furry one.
    Have you seen Beatrix Potter's watercolours of fungi? When she wasn't drawing little rabbits and ducks, she was a serious mycologist! Love Bonnie xx

  4. Thanks Bonnie
    Yes, those first ones (still haven't ID'd them) remind me of those coconut toasted teacake confections. Mind you I wouldn't want to eat these fungi!
    Beatrix Potter was incredibly talented. It was because she was a woman that they wouldn't take her study seriously so, to make a living, she turned to what the world now know her for.
    Thankfully her wonderful work is safe in the archives.
    Thank you for your comments. x


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