Monday 30 January 2012

The Rot Has Set In

During walks out with mutt at this time of the year, it's not uncommon to still come across the odd countryside crab apple tree with the last few rotting fruits scattered on the floor beneath its bare branches. Yesterday, however, when out on a new walk, I was stopped short by the pervading fruity smell of apples. Apples, yes, but not the lovley fresh fruit bowl aroma we all enjoy. This was the aroma more often encountered when the left-over core has been sitting around for a little too long. To be truthful, this was the smell of rotting apples.

It was quite easy for me to literally, follow my nose to the edge of a garden, where an enormous heap of the fruits lay wasting away under the branches of a surrogate tree. They ranged from recognisable red, through shades of yellow to rotten russet. For the person who tended this otherwise immaculate plot, they probably didn't realise the impact of the statement they had made by this action.

Looking at the incredible heap of smelly colour made me feel very sad. Sad that such a valuable crop had been rejected, when all about us, there is a move for consciousness regards our resources. I still remember, and not that long ago, when such bumper crops would have been willingly shared around friends, with choice fruits being carefully wrapped and stored for gradual consumption during the coming seasons, thus making welcome savings in the household budget. Perhaps this image should serve as encouragement for all of us to consider our actions regards current fixations for the perfect and expensive alternative.

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