Saturday 16 April 2011

Documenting Work in Progress

I have, on occasions, been commissioned by a building company, to photograph completed contracts for their own publicity or as a record. (As seen in my previous posting from January; Unexciting to Interesting) Sadly, when it comes to refurbishment work, they have usually forgotten to capture a series of before and during images as well as the after images.

This week, I was brought in by them to record an old farm building that will very shortly begin having a transformation, and capture those so far unseen, before shots. I will be returning on a regular basis throughout the contract to record the progress so that this information can also be used for their publicity.

Whilst this subject-matter may not produce prize-winning gallery images, this bread-and-butter documenting is as important to this type of business as photographs of the Spring collection for a fashion house. It is therefore my brief and aim, to produce images that will ultimately help attract the eye of, and inform future customers.

The overcast sky puts over a feeling of impending change and I hope to be able to capture the finished building in an altogether different light. The image of the underside of the rusting courrugated tin roof on old timber purlins provides an interesting artisitic view as well as documenting the current small span that is to be replaced with a single span lean-to.

Over the coming weeks, I hope to bring you, the work in progress images.

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