Tuesday 5 November 2013

Remember, remember...

As a kind of follow-on from the fireworks display on Saturday, today I was fortunate to go with a group of colleagues to visit the Houses of Parliament, accompanied by our local MP.
Im afraid I can't show you many pictures as photography isn't allowed inside the building. However, I did manage a few in the impressive hammer-beamed Westminster Hall, the only building to survive from the old Palace of Westminster. The picture above shows the stairs from Westminster Hall which lead into the Palace of Westminster as it is today.
However, what I can admit is that this time around I found the visit very interesting. (Last time I had visited as a mildly disinterested 9 year old!)

Grateful thanks to Rt. Hon. Sir Alan Haselhurst for a knowledgeable and comprehensive tour.

So, mindful of the date, we were all happy to have safely concluded our visit to the Houses of Parliament.


  1. I think the photo you took in Westminster Hall is really powerful. My last visit to the House of Commons was with a friend when we were at art college, I pointed out to her the repairs my father had made to the door Black Rod raps - and I was swiftly escorted out of the building, despite my protests which weren't believed! Well is was not long after the Airy Neeve murder by the IRA so I suppose they were twitchy!

    1. Thank you Celia!
      I remember the incident and the tensions of the time. Yes they perhaps needed to be twitchy but that seems rather an over-reaction.
      How amazing to know your fathers handiwork is in such an iconic door


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